Working at a tube amplifier company comes with its unique joys, like the pure delight of having your furry friend by your side at work.

  • Tiffin


    Tiffin is enjoying vinyl playing on his master’s new English Acoustics Stereo 41c in Acadia green, the source is a vintage Thorens 124 turntable, the speakers are a pair of beautifully crafted vintage Tannoy Replicas. The preamp is a Michi, the tonearm on the turntable is an SME.

  • Lexi


    Lexi, being the top dog, knows how to rock a pair of shades.

  • Merlin


    Joe our Head of Finishes always brings Merlin along to help with final inspection and Quality Control

  • Lexi


    Lexi flying the flag for English Acoustics

  • Baxter


    Baxter pictured lending a paw to our esteemed Design Authority, Tim Mellow

  • Lyra


    Lyra is a very chilled doggo.